Our Values

R.E.A.C.H. - Our Bethel is committed to REACH!

Respect - We believe that every individual is highly esteemed for their innate value. Each individual’s dignity and worth does not depend on his level of ability or disability but is based on equal identity as human beings.

Excellence - We strive to provide the highest quality, evidence-based, systematic training for medical professionals in the field of audiology and speech-language pathology. We work hard to produce and/or distribute first rate educational textbooks and manuals, assessments, and treatment materials. To maintain levels of excellence, we engage in continual learning and update our training materials and sessions according to current research and developments.

Awareness - We are purposeful in promoting the public’s and medical professionals’ understanding of hearing and speech-language impairment and its impact on individuals and society. It is our goal to help individuals with communication disorders receive the best treatment and care from both the medical professionals that directly work with them and the family members and general public that interact with them on a day to day basis.

Compassion - We aim to foster a caring, supportive environment that is inspiring and uplifting to everyone who is part of Our Bethel community. We desire to express and receive genuine love that brings healing and restoration. This wholeness will position each person in Our Bethel community to fulfill his purpose in life.

Honesty - We resolve to operate with full integrity and refuse to compromise in any area of the business or its practices.